About Us




Who we are:
We are a small, handmade, custom furniture company founded in Atlanta Georgia with a second location in Denver, Colorado. At Rustic Trades, we create handcrafted, rustic farm tables and furniture that will last generations. While we use REAL, quality, new and reclaimed materials, we are not only here to create a great product, but a brand – a brand that people are proud to display in their homes. A brand that represents family, as we believe, “life is celebrated around the table.”

Our Goal:
To reengage the lost art of woodworking and to bring the family back to the table. 



“What started with a promise to my bride turned into a hobby and in 2010 Rustic Trades Furniture was established. Each table is made differently and with lasting quality that’s hard to find in a furniture store.

These days I’m focused on improving each table every time I make one. I’m always researching and improving the stains, finish and quality of each table because I understand the investment you’re making. I know this isn’t just another piece of furniture for you. For some of you, this table could hold countless family meals and last for generations. For others, it’s a piece of art that can’t be put on a wall.

As your family grows and you commune around the table, there will be many moments of love, laughter, or great difficulty. In that place, personalities are shaped and memories are made. We know that every moment with your family is precious as it is with our family. This is why Rustic Trades is more than a company that builds tables; it’s a company that establishes a heartfelt legacy.

It is our intention to make you a lasting piece that will facilitate conversation and add the uniqueness YOU desire, in YOUR home, for years to come. We hope Rustic Trades Furniture can be part of your family’s story. Lets get started!